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The conference papers will be included in the ICCV conference DVD the IET and made available online via the IEEE Electronic Library (available on IEEE Xplore).


Research into human activity recognition or multi-activity pose recovery is becoming one of the most active research areas of the computer vision community. In spite of all this effort, the challenges remain complex and unsolved, the comparison among different proposed methods being one of the most polemics topics. In order to tackle this problem, several public dataset have been released in the last few years. However, every dataset contains a set of limitation or peculiarities that can limit its application and generality, such as lack of diversity, few actors, few activities, no multi camera, to name a few. To address this problem, the goal of this workshop is to define a standard framework for objective performance evaluation and to create and develop datasets capable of satisfying as many necessities as possible.

A half day workshop is being held in Barcelona in conjunction with ICCV 2011. The workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in objective performance evaluation of silhouette-based human activity recognition and multi-activity pose recovery on sequences by a single or multiple cameras. In order to facilitate this objective comparison, the workshop provides all the participants with public datasets, which in conjunction with already existing public dataset such as XMAS or Interaction, are expected to be discussed inside the workshop for improvements for the next meetings, creating and consolidating in this way a strong community around them. In addition, the workshop expects to be public forum to discuss evaluation criteria and methodologies for action recognition. Submissions are particularly welcome in one of these topics:
  • Contribution to evaluation methodologies for silhouette-based activity recognition and/or pose recovery. Examples of this kind of papers can be a new methodology for objective validation, or best practice on performance evaluation.
  • Description of a novel proposal on human activity recognition or pose recovery and report results on the datasets provided for this workshop.
The datasets are currently available to participants of the workshop session and public in general. The focus of the datasets is on the following types of activities: walk, run, punch, kick, shot gun, pull objects, staring, falling, waving, jumping, smashing to name a few, captured using multiple sensors. All the activities are performed by several actors. Annotated groundtruth is provided for many activities. Full description of the dataset and downloading is available in the following addresses:
Paper submission timetable

CHANGED: 22nd August 2011 Submission of full papers
29th August 2011 Notification of acceptance
1st September 2011 Submission of camera-ready papers
12th November 2011 Date of workshop in Barcelona


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