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Day 1
Registration (Room JG2002)
Chair's welcome (Room JG0001)
Welcome by Prof. Barbara Pierscionek, Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, Kingston University

09:30-11:00 Invited Talks
09:30-10:00 IT1 Dr Jean-Francois Delaigle (ACIC, Belgium) How to successfully manage technology transfer in video content analysis: the journey from academic research labs to off-the-shelf products
10:00-10:30 IT2 Prash Mahendrarajah CAST Project Manager (Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology). The talk will deal with Video Analytics for end user requirements and an update to iLIDS.
10:30-11:00 IT3 Suzanne Little (Dublin City University, Ireland). The EU SAVASA Project


Break, Posters and Exhibition (Room JG2002)
PT1 A Comparison of Adaptive Appearance Methods for Tracking Faces in Video Surveillance, M. Ali Akber Dewan, E. Granger, F. Roli, R. Sabourin, G. L. Marcialis
PT2 Small Sample Size Face Recognition using Random Quad-Tree based Ensemble Algorithm, Cuicui Zhang, Xuefeng Liang, Takashi Matsuyama
PT3 Vanishing point detection for CCTV in railway stations, Katy Tarrit, Gary A. Atkinson, Melvyn L. Smith, Julio Molleda, Glynn. C. Wright, Peter Gaal
PT4 Illumination Invariant Background Subtraction for Pan/Tilt Cameras Using DoG Responses, Eduardo Monari
PT5 The Gaussian Processes for Acoustic Localisation and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network, Riad Azzam and Dr.Nabil Aouf
PT6 Automated Gender Identification for Arabic and English Handwriting, Amira E. Youssef, Ahmed S. Ibrahim, A. Lynn Abbott
PT7 Robust Gait Recognition Via Covariate Factor Mitigation, Whytock, Tenika P; Belyaev, Alexander; Robertson, Neil M
PT8 The effect of ANPR Camera Settings on System Performance, Robert Gurney, Michael Rhead, Vivienne Lyons, Soodamani Ramalingam
PT9 BUSYEMBED: An HVS Based Reversible Data Embedding Scheme for Video Using DCT, Sagar Gujjunoori, B.B.Amberker
PT10 A Spatio-Temporal Feature Descriptor for Action Recognition using Feature Relations, Andreas Zweng, Martin Kampel
PT11 Forgery Localization Based on Image Chroma Feature Extraction, Areej S. Alfraih, Johann A. Briff a, and Stephan Wesemeyer
Oral Papers: Face Analysis
11:30-11:50 P01 A User-Specific Strategy for Management of Reference Data in Adaptive Ensembles for Face Re-Identification, Miguel De-la-Torre, Eric Granger, Robert Sabourin, Dmitry O. Gorodnichy
11:50-12:10 P02 Binary Data Embedding Framework for Face Recognition, Yuan Chi, Elias J. Griffith, John Y. Goulermas and Jason F. Ralph
12:10-12:30 P03 An Evaluation of Denoising Algorithms for 3D Face Recognition, Mehryar Emambakhsh, Jiangning Gao, Adrian N Evans
12:30-12:50 P04 3-D Face Analysis and Identification Based on Statistical Shape Modelling, Wei Quan, Charlie Frowd


Lunch, Posters and Exhibition (Room JG2002)
(For the list of posters please see above)
Keynote 1: Super-recognisers in the police: An exceptional human resource for the identification of suspects from crime scene images
Dr Josh Davis, Department of Psychology and Counselling, University of Greenwich

Oral Papers: Human Biometrics
14:15-14:35 P05 Person Re-identification by Combining Features in a Learning Based Framework, Buket Ogul, Alptekin Temizel
14:35:14:55 P06 Does the Skin Texture Contain Useful Information to State the Identity?, Eliana Frigerio, Marco Marcon, Stefano Tubaro
14:55-15:15 P07 Age Prediction from Iris Biometrics, Meryem Erbilek, Michael Fairhurst, M√°rjory Cristiany Da Costa-Abreu


Break, Posters and Exhibition (Room JG2002)
For list of posters please see above
Oral Papers: Archive and Tracking
15:45-16:05 P08 Survey of the Key Techniques in Video Processing for Surveillance and a Pioneering Surveillance Network, Zhi Gao
16:05-16:25 P09 Identifying and Addressing Challenges for Search and Analysis of Disparate Surveillance Video Archives, Suzanne Little, Kathy Clawson, Anna Mereu, Aitor Rodriguez
16:25-16:45 P10 Human tracking with multiple parallel metrics, Philip Birch, Waqas Hassan, Rupert Young, Chris Chatwin
16:45-17:05 P11 Introducing Context Awareness in Multi-Target Tracking using Re-Identification Methodologies, Vasileios Lovatsis,Anastasios Dimou,Petros Daras
IET's Vision and Imaging Network Best PhD/Masters thesis Prize Ceremony

Day 2
Welcome by Chair
Keynote 2: Investigating child abuse images: how technology is closing the net on offenders,
Sharon Girling OBE.
09:40-11:20 Special Session: EU Projects
09:40-10:05 EU1 Dr. Massimo Ciscato (European Commission): "Overview of main FP7 Security Research Projects and Introducing funding opportunities for the new Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme".
10:05-10:30 EU2 Prof. Atta Badii (University of Reading, UK): VideoSense European Centre of Excellence in Surveillance VideoAnalytics: Architectural and Operational Privacy Protection within an Inter-disciplinary Research Framework
10:30-10:55 EU3 Mrs. Carmela Occhipinti (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., Italy): The ADVISE project

Keynote 3: Andrew Rennison, Surveillance Camera Commissioner


Break, Posters and Exhibition (Room JG2002)
(For the list of posters please see above)
Oral Papers: Vehicles and Crowds
11:50-12:10 P12 Real-Time Global Anomaly Detection for Crowd Video Surveillance Using SIFT, Puren Guler, Alptekin Temizel, Tugba Taskaya Temizel
12:10-12:30 P13 The Effect of Retro-reflectivity and Reflectance of UK Number Plates on ANPR Performance, Robert Gurney, Michael Rhead, William E Martin, Soodamani Ramalingam, Neil Cohen
12:30-12:50 P14 Vehicle Logo Recognition Using Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis, Simi Wang, Sateesh Pedagadi, James Orwell, Gordon Hunter


Lunch, Posters and Exhibition (Room JG2002)
(For the list of posters please see above)
Keynote 4: Catching Criminals Caught on Camera - How the Met Police is leading the world
Mick Neville, Detective Chief Inspector (DCI), Metropolitan Police Service

Oral Papers: Forensics
14:15-14:35 P15 Picture-to-Identity linking of social network accounts based on Sensor Pattern Noise, Riccardo Satta, Pasquale Stirparo
14:35:14:55 P16 Source Smartphone Identification Using Sensor Pattern Noise and Wavelet Transform, Jocelin Rosales Corripio, David Manuel Arenas González, Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco, Luis Javier Garcia Villalba, Julio Hernandez-Castro, Stuart James Gibson
14:55-15:15 P17 Finding Jane Doe: A Forensic Application of 2D Image Calibration, Abby Stylianou, Austin Abrams, Robert Pless


Break, Posters and Exhibition (Room JG2002)
(For the list of posters please see above)
Best Paper/Poster Prizes Ceremony
Panel Discussion
Concluding remarks from Chairman

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