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Day 1
Chairman's welcome

Keynote 1: Public Space CCTV: Challenges of the real world
Martin Lazell BSc M.I.C.E, Control Centre Manager, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Session A: Biometrics 1. Chair: Márjory Da Costa-Abreu (University of Kent)
09:30-09:50 P01 Evaluating Iris Segmentation for Scenario Optimisation. Meryem Erbilek, Michael Fairhurst. University of Kent (UK)
09:50-10:10 P02 Minutiae + Friction Ridges = Triplet-Based Features for Determining Sufficiency in Fingerprints. Kevin Hoyle, Nathan Short, Michael Hsiao, Lynn Abbott, Edward Fox. Virginia Tech (USA)
10:10-10:30 P03 Human Gait Recognition: Approaches, Datasets and Challenges. Yanmei Chai, Jinchang Ren, Wenying Han, Haifeng Li. Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing (China), University of Strathclyde (UK)
10:30-10:50 P04 Self-dependent 3D Face Rotational Alignment Using the Nose Region. Mehryar Emambakhsh, Adrian Evans. University of Bath (UK)


Session B: Surveillance 1. Chair: Monique Thonnat (INRIA)
11:20-11:50 P05 Improving Real Time Video Surveillance Performance Using Inter-frame Retransmission. S Suherman, Marwan Al-Akaidi. University of Sumatera Utara (Indonesia), De Montfort University (UK)
11:50-12:10 P06 GPGPU-accelerated visual search in large surveillance archives. Csaba Beleznai, Gustavo Fernández, Stephan Veigl, Bernhard Strobl. Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria)
12:10-12:30 P07 An Object Tracking in Particle Filtering and Data Association Framework, Using SIFT Features. Malik Souded, Laurent Giulieri, François Brémond. INRIA (France)


P08 Estimation of 3D Head Region using Gait Motion for Surveillance Video. Sung-Uk Jung, Mark S. Nixon. University of Southampton (UK)
P09 Image CAPTCHA based on Distorted Faces. Cristina Romero Macias, Ebroul Izquierdo. Queen Mary University of London (UK)
P10 Coastline Detection Using Coupled Variational Level-Set Formulation. Harish Bhaskar. Khalifa University (UAE)
P11 Facial Blood Vessels Activity in Drunk Persons using Thermal Infrared. Georgia Koukiou, Vassilis Anastassopoulos. University of Patras (Greece)
P12 Color Face Recognition Using Quaternion PCA. Emad S. Jaha and Lahouari Ghouti. King Abdul-Aziz University, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia)
P13 Iris-Biometric Comparators: Minimizing Trade-Offs Costs between Computational Performance and Recognition Accuracy. Christian Rathgeb, Andreas Uhl, and Peter Wild. University of Salzburg (Austria)
P14 Identifying Humans using Comparative Descriptions. Daniel Reid, Mark Nixon, Sarah Stevenage. University of Southampton (UK)
P15 Object Classification based on Behaviour Patterns. Virginia Fernandez Arguedas, Ebroul Izquierdo. Queen Mary University of London (UK)
P16 People Counting with re-Identification using Depth Cameras. Daniel Hernandez, Modesto Castrillon, Javier Lorenzo. Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)
P17 Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme with an Artificial Cocktail Party Effect. Agustín Moreno Cañadas, Nelly Paola Palma Vanegas. Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)
P18 Hostile Intent and Behaviour Detection in Elevators. Younghyun Lee, Taeyup Song, Hanjun Kim, David K. Han, Hanseok Ko. Korea University (Korea)
P19 Consistent Quality Control for Wireless Video Surveillance Using Distributed Video Coding. Min Zheng, Falah H. Ali. University of Sussex (UK)
P20 Efficient 3D Face Reconstruction from Low Quality Video. Xiaoyu Ding, Qiao Wang. Southeast University (China)
P21 Audio Event Detection and Localisation for Directing Video Surveillance – A Survey of Potential Techniques. James Rex. AGT Group GmbH (Germany)
P22 Further Studies on Forensic Features for Camera Source Identification. Ying-Chu Chen, Yongjian Hu, Chang-Tsun Li. University of Warwick (UK)
P23 Quality-Assured Fingerprint Image Enhancement and Extraction using Hyperspectral Imaging. Kevin Gill, Jinchang Ren, Stephen Marshall, Suvitha Karthick, John Gilchrist. University of Strathclyde (UK) and Gilden Photonics (UK)
P24 Accurate 3D Footwear Impression Recovery From Photographs. Fernanda A. Andalo, Fatih Calakli, Gabriel Taubin, Siome Goldenstein. University of Campinas: Unicamp (Brazil), Brown University (USA)
P25 Real-time Active Visual Tracking with Level Sets. Warakorn Gulyanon, Claire Morand, Neil. M. Robertson and Andrew. M. Wallace. Heriot-Watt University (UK)
P26 Efficient Face Recognition Algorithms Based on Transformed Shape features. Sambhunath Biswas and Amrita Biswas.

Keynote 2: Overview of Imaging projects at the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST). Current policing requirements and potential solutions
Stuart Rankin, Centre for Applied Science and Technology, Home Office Science

Session C: Biometrics 2. Chair: Adrian Evans (University of Bath)
14:00-14:20 P27 Using keystroke dynamics for gender identification in social network environment. Michael Fairhurst, Márjory Da Costa-Abreu. University of Kent (UK)
14:20-14:40 P28 Latent Fingerprint Segmentation. Nathan Short, Lynn Abbott, Edward Fox, Michael Hsiao. Virginia Tech (USA)
14:40-15:00 P29 CT-based robust statistical shape modeling for forensic craniofacial reconstruction. E. Bruynooghe, J. Keustermans, D. Smeets, F. Tilotta, P. Claes, D. Vandermeulen K.U. Leuven (Belgium), Université Paris Descartes (France)


Break/Exhibition/Posters (as in lunch time)
Session D: Surveillance 2. Chair: James Ferryman (University of Reading)

16:00-16:20 P30 A multi-feature tracking algorithm enabling adaptation to context variations. Duc Phu Chau, François Brémond, Monique Thonnat. INRIA (France)
16:20-16:40 P31 Stationary Traffic Monitor. Philip Birch, Waqas Hassan, Nagachetan Bangalore, Rupert Young, Chris Chatwin. University of Sussex (UK)
16:40-17:00 P32 A Comparison of Image Fusion Methods on Visible, Thermal and Multi-focus Images for Surveillance Applications. V. Aslantas, E. Bendes, A.N. Toprak, R. Kurban. Erciyes University (Turkey)
17:00-17:20 P33 Pervasive Monitoring: Appreciating Surveillance Data as Evidence in Legal Proceeding. Fanny Coudert, Monica Gemo, Laurent Beslay, Fivos Andritsos. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (Italy)

Day 2
Industrial Session
Chair: Sergio Velastin, Kingston University
Benefits for forensics of the recent advances in video-surveillance international standards.
Jean-François Sulzer, Thales Security Solutions and Services (France) and Convenor of ISO/TC 223 on Societal Security.
Tag and Track - advanced multi camera tracking
Dr Boghos Boghossian, CTO, Ipsotek Ltd., (UK).
Forensic Analysis and Anomaly Detection for Aerial Video
Dr Esin Turkbeyler, Consulting Engineer, Roke Manor Research Limited, (UK).
Break/Exhibition/Posters (see Poster session in Day 1)

Keynote 3: Making light work of it
Nick Marsh, Consultant Forensic Practitioner (Imaging), Evidence Recovery Unit, Metropolitan Police Service

Session E: Learning. Chair: Alberto Albiol (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
11:30-11:50 P34 Hooligan Detection: the Effects of Saliency and Expert Knowledge. Dominik Endres, Heiko Neumann, Marina Kolesnik, Martin A. Giese,. University of Tuebingen, University of Ulm, FhG-FIT St. Augustin (Germany)
11:50-12:10 P35 Strip Shredded Document Reconstruction using Optical Character Recognition. Johannes Perl, Markus Diem, Florian Kleber, Robert Sablatnig. Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
12:10-12:40 P36 Iterative active querying for surveillance data retrieval in crime detection and forensics. Dalia Coppi, Simone Calderara, Rita Cucchiara. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Lunch/Exhibition/Posters (see Poster session Day 1)

Keynote 4: Catching Criminals Caught on Camera: A Practical Viewpoint
Mick Neville, Detective Chief Inspector (DCI), Metropolitan Police Service

Session F: Other topics. Chair: Tony Davies (IEEE)
14:20-14:40 P37 On the Location-Dependent Quality of the Sensor Pattern Noise and Its Implication in Multimedia Forensics. Chang-Tsun Li, Riccardo Satta. Functional Technologies Ltd. (UK), University of Cagliari (Italy)
14:40-15:00 P38 Multi-vehicle Convoy Analysis Based on ANPR Data. Ali Homayounfar, Anthony. T. S. Ho, Ningbo Zhu, Graham Head, Paul Palmer. University of Surrey (UK), Surrey Police (UK)
15:00-15:20 P39 High-Capacity Reversible q-ry Data Hiding with Location Map-Free Capability. Tatiana Efimushkina, Karen Egiazarian. Tampere University of Technology (Finland)
15:20-15:40 P40 View Synthesis of KDEX Imagery for 3D Security X-ray Imaging. O. Abusaeeda, J.P.O. Evans, D. Downes and J.W. Chan. Nottingham Trent University (UK)
Panel Discussion
Best Paper Prize Ceremony and concluding remarks from Chairman

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