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Keynote 1:
Public Space CCTV: Challenges of the real world.
Martin Lazell BSc M.I.C.E, Control Centre Manager, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. Martin is also Chair of the PCMA (Public CCTV Managers Association). His talk will be about uses of CCTV in public space, legislation, what CCTV can and does do and what it can and cannot do, giving some real world statistics from control centre operations to demonstrate
Keynote 2:
Overview of Imaging projects at the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST). Current policing requirements and potential solutions
Stuart Rankin, Centre for Applied Science and Technology, Home Office Science. The Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) is the primary science and technology interface between Home Office Ministers and policy makers; front-line operational policing; and the suppliers of science and technology. Our focus is on those technologies or techniques that are close to being operationally deployable and can provide real improvements in capability, and we aim to provide impartial and accurate scientific and technical advice on their use. The presentation will cover a range of crime prevention and investigation applications of imaging, including the use of CCTV and video analytics systems and specialist imaging technologies for the detection and enhancement of fingerprints. The aim is to provide examples of those areas where imaging technology is providing clear benefits and highlight some key current problems and future challenges.
Keynote 3:
Making light work of it
Nick Marsh, Consultant Forensic Practitioner (Imaging), Evidence Recovery Unit, Metropolitan Police Service. Nick will speak about the important and often overlooked role that forensic imaging can have, to detect evidence and bring offenders to justice. In particular he will look at the work undertaken by the Evidence Recovery Unit, in the use of alternative light sources to retrieve latent evidence that may otherwise be missed. This will be supported with a wide range of casework examples, including the identification of a suspect using his vein pattern, through to an interactive view of a crime scene.
Keynote 4:
Catching Criminals Caught on Camera: A Practical Viewpoint
Mick Neville, Detective Chief Inspector (DCI), Metropolitan Police Service. Mick will speak about practical uses of CCTV to prevent, detect crime and bring offenders to justice, with practical examples. CCTV can detect crime at much less cost than fingerprints and DNA, an important factor in the current financial climate. From January to April 2011, 1000 suspects have been identified using these techniques. The talk will also illustrate the needs for a database to manage, link & identify images from descriptors and discuss that is being done with Dr Josh Davis of Greenwich University on understanding how top officers are able to pick up suspects from images.

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